Offline Meetup — a Big Party for Food Regulation Circle



ChemLinked (food portal) has developed and worked hard to serve for 3 years when Asia especially China's regulatory frameworks also undergo great changes. To better understand how to further meet your regulatory demands and better interact with you,  ChemLinked is planning to hold an offline meeting.

Now we'd like to invite you to join our short survey to know your preferences for the time, location and topics for the Meet-up activity which of course will still focus on food regulatory issues.

The survey has 6 questions and takes less than 3 minutes to complete, but the feedback you give will benefit us on many levels. Meanwhile, anyone who participates will get at least 5% off on the pass ticket.

When do you want to have the conference? * [Multiple]
Where do you prefer to hold? * [Multiple]
What do you want to discuss? * [Multiple]
What other comments that you want to add? *
So do you want to join the party? *
Will consider to be the sponsor of the conference? *
Please kindly leave your company name, e-mail address & contact number. We will contact you regarding to the 5% off coupon for the ticket.  *